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For the purchase of images you are most welcome to contact me at troels@polarimages.dk.

The image selection you can see on this website is only a small part of the photos available. If you have any requests or need additional samples do not hesitate to ask. A wide variety of qualities are available as is digital delivery for publications, advertising and other media. If you are interested in original prints this can be arranged as well. High quality original prints can be delivered to your doorstep in a size that fits you (depending on the original resolution of the image - please see below).

Photobooks are also available. The first "East Greenland" is available via Blurb.com (see below) and another three on South Georgia, Antarctica, and Svalbard respectively are in preparation.

The photos available from PolarImages.dk have been taken over the last years and involve several different types of camera equipment and resolutions.

The earlier images are all from slide film using a Minolta Dynax 7 system. They can be identified by having 6-8 digits in the file name. All slide film online are scanned on a Nikon CoolScan 4000 ED slide scanner and can be delivered in resolutions up to 4000 dpi.

In 2005 the digital revolution was embraced and a Minolta Dynax7D (6.1 Mega pixel) was purchased. Additionally a 400 mm f /4.5 APO G lens and a 70-210 mm f/2.8 APO G SSM was used. The images taken with this equipment can usually be identified by the addition of PICT followed by a four digit image number to the file name. Images can be delivered in 17-20 MB TIFF files and reasonably large scale original prints.

In October 2006 it was time to change again. New demands for high resolution images came up and I decided to go to Canon. Currently a Canon EOS 5D (12.8 Mega pixel) is used with a Canon 17-35 mm f/4 L USM, a Canon 70-200 mm f/2.8 L IS USM, Canon 100 mm macro f/2.8 USM, and the unbelievable Canon 400 mm f/4 DO IS USM. Images from this equipment can be identified by _MG_ followed by a four digit image number to the file name. Images can be delivered in approximately 37 MB TIFF files and very large scale original prints.

Another camera I use is a Hasselblad X-PAN true panorama camera. It is much fun to work with but quite difficult due to the completely manual settings used on this camera. I use the 45 mm f/4 and mostly Fuji Velvia 100 slide film. Great joy but also great agony comes out of using this camera as it is getting increasingly difficult and quite expensive to get a scan from a slide that corresponds to the quality of film and camera used. The panorama images displayed on the web site has been scanned on a Nikon CoolScan 9000 scanner.

In August 2009 another addition to the camera list came: The small, handy and excellent Canon G10 (14.7 Mega pixel). Images from this camera can by identified by _IMG_ followed by a four digit number added to the file name.

In October 2010 a Canon EOS 5D Mark II was purchased. This excellent 21.1 Mega Pixel camera will ensure the best quality pictures for the future.


All wildlife photographs have been taken with the utmost care and with absolute minimum disturbance.  The aim is to depict natural behaviours and that only comes about with extreme care towards the subjects of interest.


NEW! A photographic journey through East Greenland is available online. Also, a tour of the South Georgia wildlife is now available. The books are printed by order only through the link below. No stock available.

East Greenland By Troels Jacobsen
East Greenland...
Photo book
Book Preview


South Georgia Wildlife
South Georgia ...
By Troels Jacobsen
Photo book
Book Preview